7th Jun 2020, 8:00 AM in Prologue
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Author Notes:

RealXove 7th Jun 2020, 8:00 AM
I was able to do a double upload this weekend! Hooraaaaay!!!

It makes me very excited to do more than one page! Especially when the second one is mostly words. I don’t like uploading just a page of words because it doesn’t help my readers understand the context of what’s going on. So since I figured that page was coming next I didn’t want to hold the suspense much longer.


shyangry 7th Jun 2020, 8:18 PM
I'm so curious to learn more about the mechanics of this... is the figure Cantes is with here like a parent, or are they more like a god? (You don't have to answer, I'm happy to find out later) I can't wait to see the world!
RealXove 7th Jun 2020, 8:26 PM
I love that question! It’s a great one! You’ll find out eventually! ;)